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   Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday 4th January 2019 in the Castle Inn (The Middle) Bamburgh at 7.30 pm.


Below is the Chairman's report.



Chairman’s report 2018

                                                             December 2018

     2018 has been an interesting year to say the least. Off the field the weather has been extraordinary with Bamburgh cut off with snow drifts for almost a week in March and then the hottest summer for many a year with the whole Green turning straw brown in August. On the field we played no away games for whatever reason and managed only 10 home games. However, the cricketers enjoyed their best teas for years and the club made an excellent surplus, but more of that later. Shortly after the season ended, a new edition of Brian Levison’s book “Remarkable Village Cricket Grounds” was published and once again Bamburgh Castle cricket club featured although the photograph did not do justice to our fantastic setting in front of the Castle.

     My great thanks go as always to our ground staff, Ian and Tony, who once again worked so hard to produce a wicket and beautiful outfield every Sunday morning. Due to the particularly strong growth of grass this year, Ian was on the “John Deere” twice a week from Easter until October and then weekly in November before finally putting the mower to bed. Making the Green look so beautiful is quite a responsibility and is greatly appreciated by  Castle Estates, Pavilion users especially wedding parties, the croquet club as well as the cricket players themselves. Of course the wicket is equally important if not more so and Tony has produced a number of excellent strips which produced quite a few close finishes. All the work carried out by Ian and Tony is voluntary and at some point they will wish to stand back, currently we do not have any potential successors. The club must address this and I again ask everyone involved, committee members, players and VP’s to search for new ground staff to help shoulder the burden. Finally, I would also like to thank Philip Hutchinson and David Gill for their help on the field.  

     Richard and Andrew captained the team this year both ably assisted by Billy as selection officer! Quite a task for all three to ensure we have 11 players for each match. The club’s policy of encouraging younger players was again highly successful with most games starting with 5 or 6 juniors. For stability of the team, we do need to have a core of mature players, so we must continue to find players of all ages who wish to play on a Sunday.

     With playing only 10 games, there were no outstanding batting successes. Lawrence Reeves headed the averages scoring 142 runs with a top score of 56. He was closely followed by Andrew Wright who scored 141 runs. Andrew also had one remarkable set of bowling figures taking 3wickets for 6 runs. However, the best figures were taken by his father!! Billy had the quite outstanding figures of 4 wickets for 6 runs and headed the bowling averages for the season.

     The club is once more hugely indebted to our scorer Dave, who travels a distance each Sunday. Dave loves the game and interacts so well with all the players particularly the younger ones.

     Providing teas has become quite a challenge so the club was thrilled by the offer from Dave’s wife Susan, to run cricket teas for all home games. Susan decided not only to look after the appetites of the players but also for our many visitors who often asked if homemade cakes were available to buy. Susan baked, baked and baked and made the incredible sum of almost Ł2000 for the club, an amazing achievement. The club used some of this money to buy a new white liner, a long overdue purchase the cost of which was shared with the croquet club.

     We are most fortunate to have Billy and Jayne as our joint treasurer! The 2017/18 accounts to the end of October show a strong surplus which Billy will review shortly. My thanks to you both for carrying out this vital and time consuming role.

     Sponsorship and vice presidents are hugely important to the club and we were delighted to see so many support our annual Percy Farmers evening so generously provided by Ronnie Watson and the “Middle”.  This is a very social event and a chance for all elements of the club to come together.

     Finally, we could not function without a strong committee and we are most grateful to Mary for her secretarial skills, Geoff for keeping us on the straight and narrow and well insured and the other members who I have mentioned previously! However, we hope that 2019 may bring some fresh faces to the club.              



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     Early in the 2018 season, Susan Parmley presented our club with a new 'state of the art' line marker, which replaces our very ancient and wobbly machine. Susan has been providing teas and cakes in the pavilion in aid of the club and raised enough funds to purchase the new one. Many many thanks.




     The long tradition of cricket was interrupted for several years prior to 2004 when several friendly matches were successfully staged in the latter half of the season.

Work was carried out on the square during the autumn of 2004 and then spring of 2005 before we staged a series of friendlies throughout the summers of 2005, 2006 and 2007.

    In 2006 a 1926 Barford and Perkins roller was donated to the Club by Benwell Hill Cricket Club.

    Early in 2008, a new committee was formed, the members of which are working to obtain awards and grants in order to purchase new equipment including grass cutting machinery, new storage facilities and pest control measures to reduce damage done to the playing field and to the Castle Green in general.

    A brand new wicket was constructed at the end of the 2008 season which came into use during the 2010 season and then at the end of that season with the help of more grants a further Surrey Loam wicket was laid at one side of the square and a practice wicket at the other.


    Announcing a 'first' for our club - at the end of the 2102 season were given an award! Several committee members recently attended Benwell Hill Cricket Club to receive the 'Turfcare Specialists' Northumberland Cricket Board Groundstaff Association  Non-League Ground of the Year Award.  This is a great achievement for the club groundstaff considering the weather over the last season, making cutting Castle Green difficult to say the least.







Team picture 2018

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                         A brilliant picture of the Green was taken by Paul Kiddell.

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    Another feature of weekends at Bamburgh Castle is the Croquet Club which plays on an area adjacent to the cricket field that is prepared for them by our volunteer ground staff.


New John Deere cutter.

After many months of fund raising, the committee were able to purchase a brand new ride on cutter to replace the existing aging machine. Supplied by Greenlay Ltd of Cramlington, the machine was handed over in November 2015.


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